specchio veneziano lavorato a filo lucido, con lastra di vetro trasparente sospesa su lastra specchiata
decorazioni di specchio in vetro di murano colore cristallo, con fasce in vetro trasparente incise a mano e sospese su una lastra specchiata
modello di specchio veneziano ornato con fiori in vetro di murano e fasce di vetro trasparente incise a mano e sospese su una lastra specchiata
angolo di specchio veneziano lavorato a mano con bordo a filo lucido e fasce di vetro trasparenti sospese su lastra specchiata

Venetian Mirror Delfino

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DELFINO is a exceptional rectangular mirror, with an elegant and minimal design processed with the traditional with the traditional polished edge technique.

Embellished by a circular mirror inside and made on several levels, the frame is sophisticated but in the meantime light, elegant and minimal. The artwork is handcrafted in our laboratory and craftsmen reinterpreted our classic mirror Selvo in a modern key.

The base starts from a rectangular mirrored plate, above which is applied a central circular plate and a second one. The circular plates, which are suspended, are adorned with decorations engraved in transparency and handmade Murano glass crystal flowers.

Size, engravings and Murano glass elements’ colour can be chosen according to your interior project.

MATERIAL: Murano glass decorations, mirror, wood frame.

MEASURES: 100 x 120 Cm


  • 100% made by our hands, in Italy
  • from our workshop to your house
  • authentic glass elements made in Murano
  • RV Murano quality certification on materials and craftsmanship
  • post-sales support


Each piece is made individually and you can tell us your decor needs to help you customizing your project. You may choose measures, tones and engraving pattern. Contact us for information or expert advice: contact@rvmurano.com

About RV Murano

Giovanni Simionato is the young man behind RV Murano, the youngest generation of a family of Venetian glass and mirror masters, which bears witness to an ancient art handed down in his family for generations, since the end of the nineteenth century.

Giovanni’s journey into the finest art of Venetian mirrors begins in his father’s atelier, learning the ropes as a child. Growing up, he learned the secrets of tradition and started to work in his family workshop until his vision and dreams matured.

RV Murano’s young artisans handcraft Venetian mirrors mastered by tradition, but featuring a younger vision. Starting from a classical base, Giovanni prefers cleaner lines, brighter and sharpers colours, by respecting the values of glass processing such as engraving, grinding and fusing glass.