We are the new generations of Murano Glass artists that today spread their wings, after learning the techniques and secrets of this ancient art and owing to new technologies and to the web, thus reaching with their creations all parts of the world. RV MURANO takes its origin from important names of Murano Glass but wants to be an innovative project, aimed at discovering the true art of the glass craftsman, of making by hand. Taking advantage of the decades-long experience acquired in a family of masters of Murano glass, we heirs want to carry on the Tradition, combining it with the present and with the gaze also turned to the future.

The company of our family was founded in 1972 but its history is in turn the result of the experience of fathers and grandparents and goes directly back to the artistic tradition of the noble Toso family in Murano, in particular of the family branch Toso Borella that stood out in the art of decoration on glass and in that of joinery generally applied to the elaborate frames of the famous Venetian mirrors. The ancient factory of Giuseppe and Filippo Toso Borella that produced Venetian artistic mirrors since 1888, was in fact awarded several times in exhibitions both in Italy and abroad, in recognition of the skill used in producing creations of the highest quality (for example in 1894 in Milan, in 1899 in Nice and, above all, in 1900 at the Universal Exhibition in Paris).

From here begins our history that continues today to pass on a great passion for this priceless tradition and at the same time a great responsibility, to take care of it and ensure that it can continue to pass on and inspire new projects.

We at RV MURANO have a dream: that the Art of Murano glass, original and unique, pride and symbol of Venice, known and loved throughout the world, can live forever.

We are certain that thanks to the will, love and initiative of young people like us who want to maintain an open dialogue with history and with this ancient tradition, our dream can become reality..